UK based E-mobility Tech startup with Moroccan Founders: An ambition to build the next generation Electric Cars

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ATLAS for Technology & Industry is a visionary electric vehicle Start-Up that aims to transform the electric vehicle sector radically by ensuring access to reliable, sustainable, and modern energy efficiency tools via a global partnership between Morocco and the United Kingdom. We have interviewed Mr. Mohammed Yehya EL BAKKALI, one of the Co-Founders to learn more about their successful journey:

-Can you please introduce to us Atlas Technology and Industry?

Atlas main goal is to ensure an inclusive economic growth, social development, environmental protection, and job creation. ATLAS is aiming to lead the development of the EV industry in the global arena with its innovative technologies and technical and managerial expertise of its team into a new era. We are planning to develop and launch a fully dynamic luxury electric SUV using our latest technologies by the year 2025 and we are collaborating with a leading design and engineering company in Europe for that purpose. We are also establishing long term R&D partnership with leading academic and technical institutes in the United Kingdom.

-Tell is a bit more about your personal experience that led you to Atlas Techin?

I am 23 years young man, arguably way younger to launch such a huge project, but I carried severe ambition to create something which will be memorable and impactful, I developed a sense of entrepreneurship and managed to have an International business experience at a very young age which led me to see opportunities through a juvenile’s eye, but with a mature perspective. I can only say that it is through sheer hard work and a strong support system that I’ve become who I am today given all the hardships and unlucky encounters, but when I envision ATLAS, it becomes clear that all the sweat, blood and tears that all entrepreneurs encounter during their journey is a blessing rather than a curse. ATLAS isn’t some fresh, rising start-up that pledge to eradicate all humanity’s problems, but it’s an atomic entity in a sea of innovation that hopes for a better future for us all, and I relate to this vision most, because I believe that small blessings make a big difference, especially in these unstable times. We have seen the challenges encountering the zero-emission transition in emerging countries and globally especially in Africa and the rising concerns about climate change and its damaging impacts to our planet and humanity, we wanted to take the risk to be part of this journey and use the resources of Morocco, technical skills and strategic position to build something which shall contribute to the development of the EV sector, we also believe that a global partnership is key and we chose Britain to be our major global hub for the simple reason of having access to International talents, robust financial infrastructure, R&D capabilities and encouraging policies and strategies to drive zero-emission transition worldwide.

-You have met Mr. Yazami recently in London, what’s your email common collaboration plan in the UK and Morocco?

Our company was Incorporated in Morocco in July 2020 and decided to move our global headquarter to the UK by July 2021. We are currently planning a pre-IPO fundraising of £15 million and secured a sponsor for a SPAC listing via a merger on the Toronto Stock Exchange which shall be concluded within 12 months. We have also decided to establish a Joint Venture partnership with KVI Singapore led by Professor Rachid Yazami to whom was proposed the role of the Chair of the board of scientific and technical advisory at ATLAS to develop and promote the ultra-fast charger technology in the UK, Morocco and Africa which represents a breaking world record technology in the EV space nowadays. We are also exploring the possibility of the implementation of a $2 billion battery Gigafactory project in Morocco and the 1st in Africa which shall be funded through International sovereign wealth funds and we are considering the Dakhla region as a potential destination for the project.

what is your future vision for EVs and how will Morocco benefit from your international experience?

I believe that “Morocco NOW” has the most advanced industrial ecosystem for the automotive Industry and a very well interconnected value chain with global players and multinationals in the African continent. Morocco is now the first exporter of vehicles in Africa and showed great commitment to green and renewable energy projects, it has an attractive strategic position and represents a global trading centre.

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