Afghanistan: Joe Biden promises to “make pay” the perpetrators of the Kabul attacks

The US president said he would do anything to track down and punish ISIS officials behind the attacks that killed at least 85 people on Thursday, including 13 Americans. He also confirmed the August 31 deadline.

Joe Biden does not want to let the Kabul attacks go unpunished. Just hours after the double suicide bombing that killed dozens of Afghans and thirteen members of the American service, the head of state issued a warning to ISIS, which claimed responsibility for the attacks.

“We will not forgive, we will not forget, we will hunt you down wherever you are and we will make you pay,” Biden warned in a solemn address. We have some reason to believe who they are, we will find them […] We will respond forcefully and precisely, where and when we choose. “

The US president clarified that the double attack did not change his evacuation plans. Washington is still seeking to remove all its nationals before August 31, as well as the Afghans who have helped the allies in recent years and who are eligible for the special visa put in place to welcome them. “America will not be intimidated, we will continue the evacuations. We have to finish this mission and we will finish it, ”he said.

Joe Biden told military officials he was ready to give them more resources to complete the evacuations. Asked about the role of the Taliban in the attacks and about possible failures in securing Kabul airport, he also recalled that the Taliban should have no interest in preventing these evacuations and that there is no evidence of collusion between the Taliban and ISIS operatives. “It’s in their best interests that we are able to leave on time, and with as many people as we can. It is not a question of trust, it is a question of common interests. “

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