AJC: Israel’s Recognition of Moroccan Sahara, Culmination of HM King Mohammed VI’s Vision

The American Jewish Committee (AJC) stated, on July 17, that Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over its Sahara is the outcome of the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI. 

Chief Policy and Political Affairs Officer of the American Jewish Committee (AJC), Jason F. Isaacson, affirmed that this recognition is “a direct result of His Majesty the King’s vision to expand relations between the Kingdom and Israel.”

Isaacson added that the Committee, which “has long supported Morocco’s territorial integrity,” is pleased with Israel’s decision to support the Moroccanity of the Sahara.

AJC’s Political Affairs Officer also recalled the recent visit of a large delegation from the American Jewish Committee to Dakhla, noting that this visit was part of his organization’s support for the Moroccanity of the Sahara.

The Royal Office reported, on July 17, that His Majesty King Mohammed VI received a letter from the Israeli Prime Minister, Benyamin Netanyahu, in which the Israeli Prime Minister informed His Majesty the King of Israel’s recognition of Morocco’s sovereignty over the territory of the Sahara. 

Netanyahu underlined that Israel’s position is going to be “reflected in all relevant acts and documents of the Israeli Government,” emphasizing that this decision would be “communicated to the United Nations (UN), regional and international organizations of which Israel is a member, and all countries with diplomatic relations with Israel.”

In his letter to the Sovereign, the Israeli Prime Minister noted that Israel is positively considering “opening a Consulate in Dakhla” as part of implementing Israel’s recognition of the Moroccanity of the Sahara.

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