Al Haouz Earthquake: British Rescuers “Deeply Moved” by Message of Gratitude Addressed by HM King Mohammed VI (UK Ambassador)

The UK’s Ambassador to Morocco, Simon Martin, affirmed on September 18, that British rescue workers were “deeply touched” by the message of gratitude addressed by His Majesty King Mohammed VI for their contribution to the search and rescue operations following Al Haouz earthquake.

In a statement to the press, Martin affirmed that His Majesty’s message “is a truly heartwarming gesture that has touched the hearts of the British rescue team,” adding that they are aware that these personal thanks from the Sovereign are on behalf of all the Moroccan people for the support they have been able to provide in this time of crisis.

“They were proud to support Morocco’s search and rescue efforts to help survivors in the stricken provinces,” noted the British diplomat, affirming adding that during their mission, the British rescue workers “highly praised the professionalism, resilience, and collaboration of their Moroccan counterparts,” as well as the high level of collaboration on the ground with Moroccan and foreign teams.

The British ambassador commended the resilience of the Moroccan authorities in their handling of the disaster, stressing that the UK was “privileged to support the search and rescue efforts carried out with such heroism by Moroccan rescue workers.”

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, sent His thanks to Russell Gauden, National Coordinator of the UK’s International Search and Rescue Team, who took part in the rescue efforts following the earthquake that struck the High Atlas region.

In this message, His Majesty the King expressed His heartfelt thanks for all the efforts undertaken by the UK’s team to provide assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Al Haouz region.

The Sovereign entrusted Gauden to convey His sincere thanks and appreciation to all the members of the British team, who demonstrated a great spirit of solidarity in saving lives, searching for survivors, and providing humanitarian aid. 

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