Al Haouz Earthquake: Census of Inhabitants of Damaged Buildings Kicks Off

The registration process of the inhabitants of buildings damaged in Al Haouz province by the earthquake that struck several regions of Morocco kicked off on September 18 in the different communes and localities affected.

Ad hoc committees have been established in the communes hit by the earthquake to take a census of the households concerned, as part of the activation of the emergency program for rehousing disaster victims and supporting the most affected populations. 

This program, which was the subject of Royal Directives during the working session chaired by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on September 9, is part of the series of measures ordered by the Sovereign to rapidly and efficiently mobilize all resources to assist the affected families and citizens, and particularly implement rehabilitation and reconstruction measures as quickly as possible in the localities affected by this ordeal.

Theis registration operation was launched by the local committee, which includes representatives from the local authorities, Amizmiz local authority, Al Haouz province urban planning division, the Marrakech Urban Agency, a laboratory, Civil Protection, the Royal Gendarmerie, and civil society, in the “Sour Jdid” district in Amizmiz, one of the regions hardest hit by the earthquake.

The 12-day operation aims to identify partially or totally damaged homes in this municipality, which has a population of 17,000 people spread over 3,500 families and five thousand houses.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), Architect at the public laboratory for tests and studies, Abdelkbir Boujad, stated that the operation focuses on identifying the houses damaged by Al Haouz earthquake, adding that it has been initiated in the “Sour Jdid” district to assess the severity of the damage and the threat this damage poses to the population.

For their part, residents of the district praised the progress of this operation, which is part of efforts to mitigate the impact of the earthquake on the affected populations, commending the actions undertaken by the authorities to help residents cope with the consequences of this natural disaster.

The first draft of the rehousing program presented to the Sovereign, which was prepared by the interministerial commission established per High Royal Directives, targets approximately 50,000 totally or partially collapsed homes in the five provinces affected.

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