Al Haouz Earthquake: Local Authorities, Technical Commissions Pursue Work in Asni, Ouirgane ahead of Reconstruction Phase

Local authorities and specialized technical commissions are working tirelessly in the communes of Asni and Ouirgane (Al Haouz province), ahead of the imminent launch of the reconstruction phase for houses that totally or partially collapsed following the earthquake of September 8.

The authorities and relevant departments are pursuing their efforts to support and assist the affected populations in these two communes and quickly address their demands.

These efforts aim to accelerate the processing of complaints until the kick-start of the reconstruction of houses totally or partially demolished by the earthquake.

The local authorities are efficiently and promptly working to speed up this process, with continuous and permanent mobilization, in application of the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

There’s a noticeable sense of optimism among residents, as evidenced by their positive interaction and determination to contribute to all the efforts undertaken by public authorities to ensure the success of this major post-earthquake reconstruction project.

Local authorities are working tirelessly to simplify all the procedures associated with the reconstruction phase for the local population, enabling them to obtain the necessary authorizations and providing them with technical assistance in the form of architectural plans that meet the specific characteristics and standards in force.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), Hamza Haddachi, who is part of the Ouirgane municipality’s team of specialized topography technicians, affirmed the steady progress of topographic work, notably with the completion of parallel plans and topographic surveys of the land. 

Haddachi explained that this was a necessary step before the architect could work on the construction plan, based on the work of the topographer.

In similar statements, several residents of Douar Laareb (Asni commune) affirmed their receipt of the first two payments of the financial aid of MAD 2,500, allocated to the earthquake-affected families whose houses were totally or partially collapsed over the period of one year, and the receipt of the first payment of the financial aid for the reconstruction of collapsed buildings (MAD 20.000).

It should be recalled that, in application of the High Royal Instructions, the government is granting direct financial aid of MAD 140,000 for totally collapsed buildings and MAD 80,000 to cover rehabilitation work on partially collapsed buildings.

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