Al Haouz Earthquake: Mohamed Sadiki Reviews Progress of Emergency Program to Mitigate Effects

The Minister of Agriculture, Maritime Fisheries, Rural Development and Water and Forests, Mohamed Sadiki, conducted a field visit to the Province of Taroudant on January 14 to examine the progress of the priority emergency program to mitigate the effects of Al Haouz earthquake.

During this visit, the minister reviewed the progress of the program to reconstitute agricultural production capital and revive the animal sectors. This program includes the reconstitution of livestock through the distribution of livestock and barley to disaster victims.

On this occasion, the minister launched an operation to distribute 25,000 heads of sheep and goats for the benefit of  2,500 affected breeders in the Province of Taroudant. 

In a statement to the press, the minister indicated that this operation is a free compensation process that aims to restore the dynamism and balance of the animal production sector in the region.

Sadiki also explained that this operation aims to reconstitute the animal heritage and stimulate its reproduction through the reinstallation of adapted varieties in cooperation with the National Association of Sheep and Goat Breeders, noting that a budget of MAD 200 million was allocated for this urgent phase which concerns the 17 municipalities impacted at the agricultural level.

This emergency phase will be followed by an operation to develop this mountainous area, including the expansion of solidarity agriculture projects as part of the “Generation Green” Strategy launched by His Majesty the King in 2020, which will be characterized by the strengthening of integrated projects, the creation of job opportunities, and the anchoring of farmers and breeders in these regions.

At the level of the territorial commune of Talgjount, the minister took note of the progress of the agricultural infrastructure program which aims to open up farms and agricultural plots through the rehabilitation and construction of tracks.

This axis consists of rehabilitating more than 50 kilometers of agricultural tracks for an amount of approximately MAD 53 million. On this occasion, Sadiki kicked off construction work on the road link connecting Douar Tawgnism and Douar Tozomatane over a length of 2.4 km. At a cost of more than 3 million dirhams, this project should make it possible to open up the beneficiaries of 5 douars.

Within the same framework, the minister visited the site of the development and rehabilitation works of the road link linking Douar Tiznirine to Douar Addaya over a length of 8 km. With a budget of 3.2 million dirhams, the project will open up several damaged douars.

In the territorial commune of Sidi Ouaaziz, the Moroccan official visited the site of the development and rehabilitation works of the road link linking Douar Starte to Douar Tagadirte N’idlane over a length of 2.3 km. Costing 1.2 million dirhams, the project will open up several damaged douars.

At the level of the Talgjount territorial commune, the minister took note of the progress of the axis relating to agricultural infrastructure. The latter aims to guarantee access and open up farms and plots through the installation of anti-erosion structures to combat erosion, landslides, and sliding phenomena as well as the rehabilitation of the perimeters of the small and medium hydraulics and the rehabilitation of seguias.

The program provides for the rehabilitation of more than 25 small and medium hydraulic (PMH) areas and the rehabilitation of seguias over a length of 13.2 km for a total investment of MAD 14 million.

Sadiki finally visited the development and rehabilitation work sites of the damage recorded at the perimeter of the small and medium-sized Talgjount hydraulic system, which concerns a seguia irrigation network over a length of 1,500 Ml.

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