Al Haouz Earthquake: Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity Establishes Central Collection Point

Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity has established a central point to collect aid for the victims of Al Haouz earthquake, modeled on similar structures set up by the Foundation in other regions of the Kingdom.

Working teams representing the Foundation’s several partners are working tirelessly throughout the day to receive, sort, and prepare shipments of in-kind aid for the affected regions, including those provided by citizens and civil society stakeholders from across the Kingdom.

The establishment of this new collection point is part of Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity’s assistance and support to the citizens of the affected villages, as per the High Directives of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

As soon as the earthquake struck, the Foundation mobilized its various components to ensure aid, particularly in-kind aid, was delivered and distributed swiftly and efficiently to meet the needs of the affected people.

The Foundation’s Project Manager, Souad Boulouiz, stated that “aid is transported from central warehouses to local ones,” noting that two collection points had been set up in the Marrakech-Safi region, Tahanaout, and Chichaoua, from which aid will transported directly to the affected rural areas.

The Foundation’s official also added that aid is distributed by land to accessible douars, or thanks to the swift and urgent intervention of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and the Royal Gendarmerie, which use helicopters to deliver aid to the population throughout the day.

Praising the great outpouring of solidarity from the Moroccan society as a whole towards the earthquake victims, Boulouiz emphasized the Foundation’s commitment to working tirelessly, in close coordination and partnership with the Ministry of the Interior, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), the Royal Gendarmerie, Civil Protection, and the local authorities to provide for the needs of the affected populations.

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