Al Haouz Earthquake: Ongoing Mobilization in Aghouatim Commune to Complete Survey of Affected Buildings

Local authorities and the relevant departments are pursuing their actions to deploy major human, logistical, and technical efforts in the province of Al Haouz to ensure the success of the different stages leading up to the reconstruction of houses that totally or partially collapsed following the September 8 earthquake.

In the territorial commune of Aghouatim, and following the example of several other communes affected by the earthquake, the operation to visit and inspect houses damaged by the earthquake is ongoing on an organized and regular basis.

Supervised by local authorities, this operation targets beneficiaries of financial aid granted to the affected populations for the reconstruction of homes that have totally or partially collapsed, in application of the High Instructions of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

The families are receiving technical assistance from the relevant departments to complete the procedures in force to launch and monitor reconstruction operations, particularly through architectural plans that meet the characteristics and standards of the region.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), a technician specializing in topography, Ayoub Baalal, affirmed that the mobilization of technical services is continuing, as in the other territorial communes of the province, to ensure the smooth running of the operation to ascertain the houses collapsed following the earthquake.

“Here, in Douar Azrou, part of the Aghouatim commune, the operation is running smoothly, thanks to the constant support of local authorities and strong collaboration with the inhabitants concerned,” affirmed Baalal. 

In similar statements, several beneficiaries expressed their deep gratitude to His Majesty King Mohammed VI for the high level of care and attention that the Sovereign has always attached to the earthquake-affected populations.

It should be recalled that, in application of the High Royal Instructions, the government is granting direct financial aid of MAD 140,000 for totally collapsed buildings and MAD 80,000 to cover rehabilitation work on partially collapsed buildings.

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