Al Haouz Earthquake: Spanish Rescue Team Praises Professionalism of Moroccan Authorities

The Spanish rescue team who participated in rescue operations following the earthquake that struck several regions in Morocco praised the “professionalism” and “great effort” deployed by the Moroccan authorities on the ground to help the people affected.

Upon their arrival in Zaragoza on September 16 after taking part with their Moroccan counterparts in the rescue operations, Spanish firefighters and rescue workers from the Castilla-Leon region commended the professionalism and coordination of the Moroccan teams deployed on the ground to bring the rescue operations to a successful conclusion.

On this occasion, the Head of the Spanish team, Enrique Mur, emphasized the efforts undertaken by the Moroccan authorities to ensure the smooth running of rescue operations and the search for survivors.

Other relief teams, particularly the Military Emergency Unit (UME), are continuing their mission in support of local authorities in the areas affected by the earthquake. 

In a similar context, Spain’s Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, praised, on September 14, the logistical support provided by the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) to the Spanish rescue team, which enabled them to carry out their mission in the best possible conditions.

Intervening during a visit to a military base in Guadalajara (central Spain), Robles commended the mobilization of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) helicopters to transport Spanish rescue team members to hard-to-reach areas, as well as the collaboration of Moroccan authorities and the Spanish team to provide the necessary support to affected populations.

The Spanish minister also added that Spanish rescue teams, particularly the Military Emergency Unit (UME), will remain in Morocco for as long as necessary, noting that Spain’s search teams were very grateful for the hospitality and support of the local population.

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