Al Haouz Earthquake: Strong Mobilization to Distribute Emergency Financial Aid to Affected Families

Specialized commissions are pursuing active fieldwork in the province of Taroudant to assess the needs of families affected by the September 8 earthquake who are eligible for emergency financial aid.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), the Head of the Economic and Social Affairs Division at the Province of Taroudant, Mohamed Aghenda, stated that the operation to process complaints was targeting families who had not benefited from the first phase of distribution of financial aid.

Aghenda added that the examination of these complaints falls in line with the High Royal Directives aimed at providing all necessary assistance to earthquake victims in the province of Taroudant, stressing that those concerned would benefit retroactively from this financial aid.

The Moroccan official also pointed out that commissions comprising representatives of local authorities, the territorial communities concerned, and the urban planning and housing departments had been established to take stock of partially or totally collapsed buildings.

Per the High Royal Directives, families whose homes have partially or totally collapsed will receive an emergency allowance of MAD 2,500 for one year.

Families affected by the earthquake, who have not received financial aid during the specified period, will have the opportunity to submit complaints to the relevant provincial commissions for review.

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