Al Quds: Celebration of Morocco’s Day, a Testament to the Kingdom’s Support for Palestine

The Islamic-Christian Forum for the Support of Al-Quds and Sacred Sites affirmed, on August 6, that the celebration of Morocco’s Day in Al-Quds consecrates the Kingdom’s honorable historical positions in support of the Palestinian cause.

In a press release, the Forum praised the ceremony organized on August 4 by Bayt Al-Maghrib in Jerusalem on the occasion of Throne Day, noting that Morocco Day is both a Moroccan and Palestinian celebration, marked by the presence of a large number of Moroccans and Palestinians in the historic capital of the Palestinian people.

The Forum added that this celebration reflects the deep relations between Moroccans and Palestinians, as well as the attachment of the Moroccan people to Al-Quds, which has lasted for over eight centuries.

The Forum also recalled the speech delivered by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on the occasion of the 24th anniversary of His accession to the Throne of His Glorious Ancestors, in which the Sovereign affirmed the Kingdom’s position in support of the Palestinian cause and Al-Quds, placing it on a par with the subject of the Kingdom’s territorial integrity.

According to the press release, the humanitarian and development aid provided by Morocco through Bayt Mal Al-Quds Asharif Agency has had a significant impact on supporting the resistance of the citizens and institutions of Al-Quds and preserving the Arab identity and the religious, cultural, and civilizational heritage of the Holy City.

The Forum called on Arab and Islamic countries to follow Morocco’s example in establishing cultural committees and associations in Al-Quds, underlining that similar initiatives are bound to create links between the Maqdessis, Arabs, and Muslims, thus strengthening their mindset and supporting their resistance.

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