Algeria expelled Moroccans from Its Territory

Algeria expelled Tuesday, September 28, 2021 about forty Moroccans to Morocco through the land border between the two neighboring countries, opened exceptionally. This border has been closed since 1994.

In a statement to AFP, Hassan Ammari, head of the association Aid to migrants in vulnerable situations (AEMSV) said that the Algerian Authorities handed over to their Moroccan counterparts about forty migrants through the border post of ‘’Zouj Bghal’’, opened exceptionally. The Moroccan authorities have chartered a bus to transport these expelled migrants.

While the AEMSV expected the release of seven migrants after sending correspondence to the Algerian authorities at the request of their families, “the unexpected surprise is that the number of deportees was about 40 people”.

According to’’ Hassan Ammari’’, the Mediterranean coast of Morocco is one of the main starting points for migrants trying to reach Spain, but “sometimes some boats, lost, run aground on the Algerian coast”. He said that Moroccan migrants were “arrested on Algerian soil while trying to cross to Europe from Tunisia or Libya”.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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