Bolivian MP: Bolivia’s Recognition of Pseudo-Republic, a Wrong Decision

Bolivian parliamentarian, Tatiana Anez, of the opposition coalition “Creemos” led by the imprisoned governor of the Santa Cruz region, Luis Fernando Camacho, stated that Bolivia’s decision to establish relations with the pseudo-republic proclaimed by the polisario was a bad decision, stressing that the current government must urgently correct it. 

“We call on the current government to show wisdom and stop interfering in the internal affairs of countries as it is important to respect the sovereignty of states,” stated Anez.

Anez denounced the actions of former Bolivian president, Evo Marales, who “constantly interferes in the internal affairs of neighboring Peru, negatively affecting relations between the two countries and the two peoples.

The Bolivian parliamentarian stated that the coalition to which she belongs welcomed former President Jeanine Anez’s decision in 2020 to suspend the recognition of a pseudo-republic and “sever all ties with this fictitious entity.”

The position of former president Jeanine Anez position was highly commended as she decided that Bolivia should maintain relations with the Kingdom of Morocco and sought to expel, from Bolivia, the separatist group that was causing chaos in the country and the region.

In this context, Anez affirmed that Bolivia “must work to strengthen relations with Morocco, as they are very important and in line with the decisions supported by the international community.”

Regarding the role of Bolivian parliamentarians in this context, Anez announced that they “aim to prioritize relations with Morocco and make these relations a key issue.”  

We are working to submit written requests in order for the Bolivian government to explain the circumstances under which it decided to establish such relations with a phantom republic,” added the Bolivian parliamentarian. 

Anez further stressed that “the government must inform the representatives of Bolivians of what this illegal movement is doing in our country,” wondering what Bolivia stands to gain from establishing illegal relations with an internationally unrecognized entity.

As parliamentarians, “we are committed to respecting the sovereignty of states,” Anez reiterated, calling for further dialogue to implement the United Nations (UN) resolutions to end the regional conflict over the Moroccan Sahara.

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