BRICS Messages: From the open market to a new world order

China and Russia sent a number of messages to the world, specifically the Western camp in international politics, on a number of files. During the speeches of Presidents Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin, facts and concepts such as the deliberate obstruction of supply chains, macroeconomics, the open market, military alliances and the inauguration of a global system were discussed.

Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the countries of the world to overcome difficulties through joint work, and jointly strive for win-win cooperation. Xi made the remarks in a virtual speech at the opening ceremony of the BRICS Business Forum.

He said that some major industry and supply chains are currently being deliberately obstructed, commodity prices are fluctuating at high levels, inflation is rising around the world, international financial markets remain volatile, and the momentum of the global economic recovery continues to decline.

He added: “People are concerned that the global economy will fall into the quagmire of crises. At this crucial moment, only through solidarity and cooperation can we overcome economic crises.”

The major developed countries should adopt responsible economic policies, Xi said, calling on them to avoid the spread of negative effects of their policies and prevent severe shocks to developing countries. “We must unite toward one goal and strengthen macroeconomic policy coordination in order to prevent or even halt the global recovery’s slowdown,” he added.

Describing the sanctions as a double-edged apostate sword, the Chinese president said that those who politicize, benefit from, and weaponize the global economy and deliberately impose sanctions by taking advantage of dominance in the international financial and monetary systems, “will ultimately harm others and themselves and bring disasters to peoples all over the world.” the scientist”.

In turn, Russian President Vladimir Putin called on the BRICS countries to cooperate in confronting the “selfish actions” of Western countries, against the backdrop of the unprecedented sanctions imposed on Moscow over the Ukraine conflict.

“By relying only on sincere and mutually beneficial cooperation, we can look for ways out of the crisis situation that is hitting the global economy due to the selfish and reckless actions of some countries,” Putin said during a virtual summit of the group, referring to the impact of sanctions on the global economy, which, in his opinion, exceeds the dangers of war. on Ukraine.

He specifically denounced the attempts of these Western countries to “exploit financial mechanisms to make the whole world responsible for their mistakes in the matter of general economic policy.”

The Russian president stressed that “the leading role of the BRICS countries is more necessary now than ever to crystallize a unifying, positive policy aimed at creating a truly multipolar (world) order.” In his opinion, the BRICS can count on the support of “several countries in Asia, Africa and Latin America that aspire to exercise an independent policy.”

Yesterday, the Russian president called for strengthening relations between BRICS countries. “Businessmen of our country are forced to develop their business in difficult conditions because Western partners ignore the basic principles of market economy and free trade,” Putin said. He denounced the “continuous imposition of new politically motivated sanctions” that go against “common sense and basic economic logic.” He added that there were “talks underway about opening an Indian chain of stores in Russia and increasing the share of Chinese cars… in the Russian market.”

“Russian oil shipments to China and India are increasing,” he said. Agricultural cooperation is developing dynamically,” as is the export of Russian fertilizers to the BRICS countries.

Russia also wants to develop with its BRICS partners “alternative mechanisms for international transfers” and an “international currency” in order to reduce dependence on the dollar and the euro.

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