Brussels: Two Moroccan Women in the Final of an International Scientific Competition

Two young Brussels women of Moroccan origin have developed an application to help students make their professional choice. Their innovation was selected at the final of an international competition.

“We’re talking about Hajar and Kawtar Saidi aged 19 years old and students at ICHEC. Thanks to the FindYourPro app, a figment of their imagination, these two Moroccan brilliant girls seek to help students make their educational and career choices”, Belga reported.

“We know that it can be complicated and stressful for young students to decide on the professional path to follow or the studies to pursue. With the ‘’FindYourPro app’’, we want to facilitate this process to enable them find what best suits them. Hence, We put them in direct contact with professionals so that they can ask their questions, share their doubts and therefore get a more precise idea of the direction they want to take in the future”, they clarified.

Owing to this application, the two aspiring young women were selected to participate in the final of the international competition for innovative students, so-called ‘’Red Bull Basement’’. It will take place on December 15th.

‘’If they win this award, Hajar and Kawthar Saidi will have access to international mentoring programs and a global network of innovators’’, the same source emphasized.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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