Covid-19: Ministry of Health Denies Rumors Relating To Morocco’s Epidemiological Situation

The Ministry of Health and Social Protection published a press release on January 16, denying the rumors circulating about the Kingdom’s epidemiological situation. 

These rumors, which concern an alleged press release from the ministry on the evolution of variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus and a supposed increase in the risk of infection, have been categorically denied.

In the same context, the ministry specified that the Omicron-XBB variant, one of the strains globally widespread since 2022, had already caused a minor wave of the third generation in Morocco between April and May 2023. Lasting eight weeks, this wave was characterized by an average level of spread of the Omicron-XBB variant and its sub-variants, with 12 serious cases and one death.

The ministry also explained that the current epidemiological situation of Covid-19 in Morocco is normal, adding that the variants detected in the country do not present any additional health risk compared to previous mutations of the virus. 

In addition to Covid-19, various seasonal viruses, including seasonal flu, are currently present in Morocco, noted the ministry, affirming that these viruses are behind the increase in cases of acute respiratory illnesses currently observed.

The ministry therefore advises citizens, particularly those suffering from chronic illnesses and the elderly, to be vaccinated against seasonal flu and to complete their vaccination against Covid-19 with booster doses to avoid possible complications in case of infection. It also encourages anyone with respiratory symptoms to wear a mask, consult a doctor to receive appropriate treatment, and avoid contact with other people.

The ministry recommends referring to official and reliable sources to obtain precise information on the Kingdom’s health situation and avoid the spread of false news and unfounded rumors.

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