COVID-19: The Global Downward Trend is confirmed

‘’The number of new infections and deaths continues its downward trend ‘’, the World Health Organization (WHO) said in its latest weekly bulletin. It was, however, underlined that 3.4 million new cases and 55,830 deaths were recorded last week.

According to the UN Global Health Agency, this is a decrease of 10% compared to the prior week, both in cases and in deaths.

The largest decrease in the number of new weekly cases was reported in the Eastern Mediterranean (17%), followed by the Western Pacific (15%), the Americas (14%), the African Continent (12%), and Southeast Asia (10%). Meanwhile, the number of weekly cases in Europe was similar to the previous week.

According to WHO, only the African Region reports a slight increase of 5% in deaths.

“The number of new weekly deaths reported witnessed a sharp decline (-15%) in all regions, with the exception of the European Region, which reported a similar number of weekly deaths compared to the previous week.  Regarding the African Region, it is viewed as the only one that reported a slight increase (5%),” the Organization noted.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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