Dakhla to Launch First Edition of GWA Wing foil World Tour on November

The 1st edition of the Wing foil world championship “GWA Wing foil World Tour” will be held, from November 2nd to 6th in Dakhla, with the participation of the most talented riders over the world. 

According to the event’s organizers, this International sporting event, which has been set-up on the initiative of the Association “Dakhla Lagoon for the Development of Sport and Cultural Animation” and the Global Wing Sports Association (GWA), shall bring together the world’s greatest riders in the disciplines Surf-freestyle and Surf-race.

This event, which is part of the festivities that mark the celebration of the Green March, looks forward to make Dakhla viewed as a reference destination for high-level Wingfoil for both advanced level and beginners.

Such an outstanding location is generally considered to be among the best destinations for Moroccans and Mediterranean city of sports in 2020. Dakhla is gradually standing out as an eco-destination promoting reconnection with nature and immersive experiential adventures.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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