Denmark: Deadly Copenhagen Shooting in shopping center was not an act of terrorism

Danish police have ruled out a terrorist act in the Copenhagen shooting at shopping center.

Denmark’s chief police inspector, Soren Thomassen, said the Copenhagen shooting in shopping center was not an act of terrorism.

At least three people were killed in the accident, which occurred on Sunday. But Thomassen said in statements broadcast by the “TV2” network that the attacker fired indiscriminately at the crowds present in the market.

He added, “There are no indications in the investigation, documents or witness statements that could indicate that what happened was related to terrorism.”

Thomassen said he was not ready to discuss what the possible motives of the perpetrator were. He said he seemed to be acting alone. He noted that he had sought psychiatric care in the past.

Copenhagen police chief Soren Thomassen told a news conference at the early stage of Copenhagen shooting that the suspect, who was arrested earlier by police, is a 22-year-old “Danish”. The police also said that they do not rule out that the shooting was a “terrorist act”, stressing that there is currently no indication that there were accomplices in the shooting.

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