Diplomatic tension: Hundreds of demonstrators in Kinshasa against Rwanda

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, hundreds of people demonstrated on Monday, May 30, 2022, against Rwanda, accused of “supporting the armed group M23”, which is carrying out attacks on Congolese territory.

“A series of demonstrations started in the DRC on Monday May 30, 2022. They target Rwanda which is officially accused by the Congolese government of supporting the M23 in the ongoing fighting in the East against the Congolese armed forces. At the central station of the Congolese capital, hundreds of activists from citizens’ movements, youth groups and other anonymous people are demonstrating against Rwanda”.

It would be a demonstration of support for the Congolese armed forces. The protesters form a circle around the flags spread on the cobblestones. They each have a candle and chant slogans hostile to Kigali.

Some demonstrators do not spare the Congolese authorities either. At the start of the demonstration, groups sang slogans hostile to the regime in place, which boasted, last quarter, of its relations with Kigali.

The Rwandan ambassador targeted
Another message chanted by the demonstrators, that of the request for a break in diplomatic relations with Rwanda and the expulsion of the ambassador stationed in Kinshasa. The crowd demands the recall of the DRC ambassador to Rwanda.

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