EastFruit: Remarkable Increase in Moroccan Fruits Exports

EastFruit, an information and analytics platform specializing in horticulture business, reported that Morocco has been increasing its fruit and berry exports, stressing that exports with some countries have shown triple-digit growth rates.

The platform recalled that Morocco’s fruit and berry exports to Ireland had initially been low and begun to steadily grow in 2020, underlining that between 2018 and 2022, Moroccan exports to Ireland generated 244 times more export revenue, accounting for over $3.5 million in 2022.

The same source stressed that Moroccan exports to Ireland are highly dominated by mandarins, followed by oranges and several berry categories, emphasizing that this growth in exports promoted Morocco from the 47th position in 2018 to the 20th position in 2022 in the list of Ireland’s suppliers of fruit and berries, with the leaders being the Netherlands, Spain, and the UK.

EastFruit also cited Hong Kong as one of the countries with the most rapid growth rates in Moroccan fruit and berry imports, with blueberries being the most exported category, recalling that between 2018 and 2022, the revenues of the Moroccan fruit and berry exports have increased 37 times and reached over $6.8 million, which has enabled the Kingdom to become the 22nd largest supplier of fruits and berries.

Among the relatively newly opened markets to Moroccan exports, EastFruit cited Latvia, as export rates grew significantly in 2022 in comparison with the period 2018-2020, with revenues totaling $770K, with blueberries dominating the exports.

The Austrian market is also another market with growing popularity of Moroccan fruits and berries, with watermelons, the second most important fruit category for Moroccan exporters, dominating the majority of the exports.

The revenues of the Moroccan fruit and berry exports to Austria accounted for $500K in 2022, a 25-fold increase in comparison with 2018, positioning the Kingdom as the 23rd largest supplier of fruits and berries to this country.

EastFruit had previously reported that Moroccan vegetable exports to Norway experienced rapid growth rates, underlining that Norway’s imports of Moroccan fruits and berries have been increasing, with a growth rate of 20 times, totaling $10 million in 2022. This growth has promoted the Kingdom from the 35th position in 2018 to the 13th largest supplier of fruits and berries to Norway.

Morocco is the 23rd biggest exporter of fruits in the world, with export revenues accounting for $7.1 billion between 2018 and 2022 and a wide range of importers of Moroccan fruits, numbering 112 countries, with Spain, the Netherlands, and France as the most important ones.

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