Education: CSEFRS to Hold Third Ordinary Session

The Higher Council for Education, Training, and Scientific Research (CSEFRS) will hold its third ordinary session on December 19 in Rabat.

According to a press release, this session will be devoted to examining projects relating to the Council’s 2023-2027 strategy, the Council’s budget for the year 2024, and the Council’s charter of values, as well as the creation of a special working group in charge of drafting a document around the “New School” vision.

The meeting will also be marked by the signing of cooperation agreements with the National Human Rights Council, the Association of Regions in Morocco, and the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

During this session, the Minister of Youth, Culture, and Communication, Mehdi Bensais, will present to the members of the Council a presentation on the “Vision of the Culture Sector for the Promotion of the System of Education, Training and Scientific Research”.

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