Emirati News Outlet Highlights Morocco’s Pioneering Role Under Far-Sighted Leadership of HM King Mohammed VI

Emirati news website “Al-Ain News” affirmed that Morocco has become a pioneer in several fields thanks to the farsighted leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

In an article entitled “Two Holidays in Morocco… the Birthday of a King with a Taste for Achievements and Energetic Youth,” the digital newspaper emphasized that His Majesty King Mohammed VI has ensured Morocco’s stability and development “through a series of achievements for His People and an unprecedented international position for His country.”

After outlining His Majesty’s rich academic background and the numerous scientific certificates he has obtained from national and international universities, the Emirati media outlet affirmed that the Sovereign has accumulated a wealth of political and managerial experience since he was Crown Prince, and has taken on enormous responsibilities from an early age.

“While His Father, the late His Majesty King Hassan II, is the founder of the state after independence, the son, His Majesty King Mohammed VI, is the builder of modern Morocco, which achieved feats in the country’s history, at the political, economic, social, and legal levels,” wrote the article. 

The Emirati newspaper recalled Morocco’s various political, economic, and social achievements under the reign of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, stressing that the Sovereign’s political wisdom ranges from overcoming crises and difficult circumstances, to transforming them into achievements that drive the country forward for years to come.

“The birthday of His Majesty the King occupies a special place in the hearts of all Moroccans, as it is a national holiday, which was first celebrated in July 1956,” noted the Emirati news site, underlining that this holiday is more than a celebration, as it reflects a mobilization and explosion of the creative energies of young people.

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