Es-Semara Explosions: Ambassador Omar Hilale Affirms Morocco’s Commitment to Establishing Necessary Investigation-Based Conclusion

Morocco’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Omar Hilale, stressed that the Kingdom will draw the necessary conclusions based on the results of the ongoing investigation undertaken by the judicial police into the four explosions in the town of Es-Smara on October 28, causing the passing of one person and the injury of three others.

Answering a question during a press conference on October 30 following the Security Council’s adoption of resolution 2703 extending the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in the Sahara (MINURSO) mandate by one year, Hilale stated that “Morocco is a law-abiding country,” adding that the Kingdom is currently investigating and gathering information.

“We are waiting for the conclusive results of this investigation, upon which we will take the necessary action,” stressed Hilale. 

The Moroccan diplomat recalled that the King’s Attorney General at Laâyoune Court of Appeal had launched an investigation, entrusted to the judicial police, to identify the scientific and ballistic details of the explosions.

Ambassador Hilale noted that the four explosions, as reported by the international press and radio channels, took place in the spiritual city of the Moroccan Sahara, the city of Malâinine, the great leader of the resistance against Spanish colonization.

Hilale stressed that the four explosions occurred in the middle of the night in “a town renowned for its serenity, the quality of its life, and above all the pacifism of its civilian population”, adding that the explosions took place within the same perimeter (the industrial district, Hay Essalam, and Hay El Wahda).

The Moroccan diplomat also mourned the passing of a martyr, a 23-year-old named Hamza, who lived in the town of Tarbes in France and was visiting his homeland.

“He came to start a new life with the woman he loves; however, fate decided otherwise, or rather, I would say that the perpetrators of these cowardly and despicable explosions decided otherwise,” said Hilale with indignation, deploring the three injured, two of whom are in critical condition and still at the emergency room at Laâyoune Hospital.

The Moroccan diplomat also stressed that the United Nations Mission for the Referendum in the Sahara (MINURSO) was notified immediately after the explosions and observed that the explosions had taken place in civilian neighborhoods and houses, leading to the passing of one civilian and the injury of others. 

“They will report back to the United Nations Secretariat,” affirmed the diplomat. 

Mentioning a series of clues that “are conclusive and point to the same direction”, the Ambassador first recalled the official communiqué issued by the armed separatist group “polisario”.

“Communiqué 901 states that the so-called Sahrawi Liberation Army has targeted three regions: Mahbes, Es-Smara, and Farsia,” stressed the Moroccan diplomat, adding that the separatist militias are referring to explosions and projectiles they launched on the night of October 28. 

Hilale also added that the second clue is how the world’s radio and television stations and news agencies have cited the “polisario” as the perpetrator of these explosions, yet at no time did this fictitious entity deny these facts.

“Since there has been no denial on its [polisario] part, everything points to its responsibility and suggests that this silence confirms that its militias are behind these explosions,” noted Hilale.

The Moroccan Ambassador also stressed that, under international law, international humanitarian law, and the relevant Security Council resolutions, any attack on or targeting civilians and civilian towns is a “terrorist act and an act of war”.

“These explosions, which claimed the life of a martyr and saddened all Moroccans, will not go unpunished,” emphasized Hilale, stressing that the perpetrators of these explosions will have to bear their legal and political responsibility.; not only those who committed these attacks, but also those supporting them, those sheltering them, and those supplying them with missiles, katioucha, and mortars.

Hilale also added that “any explosion leaves traces and technical clues, which will enable Morocco to trace its origin, draw the necessary conclusions, and make the appropriate decisions.”

“We expect this report to be made public by the United Nations, to make sure that everyone knows who is targeting civilians, killing innocent people, destabilizing the region, and causing further conflagration and tragedy,” stressed the Moroccan diplomat, affirming that Morocco is confident that the United Nations (UN) will follow up on this despicable and condemnable act of terrorism.

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