FAR Address Message of Loyalty, Fidelity to HM King Mohammed VI  on the Occasion of 67th Anniversary of FAR Establishment

The Royal Armed Forces (FAR) family sent Sunday a message of loyalty to His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), on the occasion of the 67th anniversary of the establishment of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR).

Here follows the translation of the message:

“Praise be to Allah, may peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, his Kith, and Kin,

Your Majesty the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR),

Your Majesty, 

On the occasion of the commemoration of the sixty-seventh anniversary of its establishment, the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) have the distinguished honor of conveying, with deference and consideration, to Commander of the Faithful, His Majesty the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), their warm congratulations and sincere feelings of loyalty and fidelity, imploring Allah, the Almighty, that this cherished national anniversary is celebrated while Your Majesty enjoys glory, triumph, health, and tranquility, and Your Kingdom rejoices in security, progress, and prosperity.

Remembering the noble meanings and deep patriotic values of this glorious anniversary, the members of Your Royal Armed Forces (FAR), with all their land, air, naval, and Royal Gendarmerie components, express their constant mobilization behind Your Majesty for the defense of the Homeland and its sacred values, and the preservation of its honor, dignity, security, and stability in the face of all threats, as they are ready to sacrifice everything to defend the sovereignty of the Cherifian Kingdom and its territorial integrity.

Your Majesty, 

The members of your army, officers, non-commissioned officers, and privates, deeply rooted in the values instilled in them under your wise leadership, renew, with pride and gratitude, their gratitude to your Majesty for the high solicitude and generous paternal benevolence with which you have surrounded the family of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), its elders and the children of its martyrs, recalling our country’s achievements under Your prosperous reign in several fields, which have strengthened its radiance and leadership at the regional and international levels.

On this glorious day, the members of your Royal Armed Forces (FAR) recall, with reverence and consideration, the luminous pages of the history of His Majesty King Mohammed V and His Majesty King Hassan II, may Allah welcome them into His vast Paradise, imploring Allah to shower them with His great mercy and generous forgiveness, in retribution for the great sacrifices and commendable services Their Majesties rendered to ensure the Kingdom’s freedom and independence.

May Allah preserve Your Majesty, keep You as the recourse for this prosperous country to achieve under Your Wise Guidance more progress and prosperity for Your faithful people.

May Allah fulfill Your Majesty in the persons of His Royal Highness Crown Prince Moulay El Hassan, His Royal Highness Prince Moulay Rachid, and all members of the illustrious Royal Family.

Allah, the omnipotent grants the wishes of those who implore Him.

Wa Assalamou Ala Makamikoum Al Aali Billah.

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