Fez: New Prices for Small Taxis

In Fez, the price of short trips in small taxis is increasing. It is now necessary to pay 6 Dirhams instead of 4 Dirhams previously.

‘’This change in tariff came after the meeting of the regional advisory committee in charge of setting prices for local products and services, held on June 28th, 2021’’, Said Zniber, governor of the prefecture of Fez, indicated in a statement, specifying that this decision repeals the previous tariff that dated February 1st, 1992.

“This decision has come into effect since October 15th, the date of signature in accordance with Article 2 of the governor’s decision”, the document emphasized.

As a reminder, professionals in the sector have demanded this increase in tariffs since February as a way to cope with the increase in the price of diesel.

Failing to reach an agreement with the local authorities, they had imposed their price by increasing the minimum fare from 4 Dirhams to 7 Dirhams a day, and from 6 to 10.5 Dirhams a night. It’s because most drivers believe that earnings are inequitably shared between the license owner, the car owner and the driver.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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