FM Nasser Bourita: Africa, South-South Cooperation, Cornerstone of Morocco’s Foreign Policies

Minister of Foreign Affairs, African Cooperation and Moroccan Expatriates, Nasser Bourita, stated on May 25 that Morocco, under the impetus of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, has made African integration and South-South cooperation the cornerstone of its foreign policies.

In his speech on the occasion of Africa Day, which coincided with the 60th anniversary of the liberation of the African continent, Bourita noted that “our perception of Africa’s future is the focus of the Vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, which was emphasized at the 29th Heads of State Summit of the African Union (AU),” underlining that “since the dawn of time, Morocco prospers, radiates, and embraces its identity through its African depth, which is multicultural, multi-faith and trans-regional.”

The Minister also added that His Majesty the King “cherishes these relations more than anyone else,” stressing that the Sovereign strengthened these relations, by implementing, in the continuity of the work of His Glorious Ancestors, a new dynamic with brotherly African countries which promotes the Kingdom as a committed partner, mobilized and determined to meet the challenges facing the achievement of peace, security, and development in the continent.

In a similar context, the Foreign Minister affirmed that the Kingdom, under the Leadership of His Majesty the King, contributes all its energy, mobilizes all its efforts, and shares its know-how in the service of structuring projects, recalling the Africa/Atlantic gas pipeline project that links Nigeria and Morocco through West African countries, and the accessible and adapted fertilizers system established by Morocco to meet the needs of African farmers, promising better yields and greater food security.

“Supporting each other, uncovering the enormous potential of our Continent, and in doing so accelerating the sustainable growth and inclusive development of African economies: this is our vision of the continuum between independence and development,” noted the Foreign Minister.

Bourita added that “in a global context shaken by political, economic, health, and ecological crises, our continent can no longer afford to be a reflection of its challenges,” emphasizing that it must reflect a rather promising future.

The Moroccan official also stressed that, under the Wise Leadership of His Majesty the King, Morocco has been working diligently towards developing the Continent through a practical approach unrelated to the logic of “diplomatic coups” and demagogic one-upmanship.

The ceremony, attended by the High Commissioner for Former Resistance Fighters and Former Members of the Liberation Army, Mustapha El Ktiri, and several government officials and foreign ambassadors accredited to the Kingdom, was marked by the projection of a documentary detailing Morocco’s support for independence movements in Africa.

Participants in this event were also able to attend the inauguration of the exhibition “Brothers in Arms: From the Struggle for African Independence to the Oath for Co-development,” which displayed several photographs taken by Photographer Mohamed Maradji.

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