Gold Prices: Friday October 15th, 2021 in Morocco

Gold prices have been on the decline in Morocco since the evening of Friday, October 15th, 2021, in parallel with the fall in the price of the precious metal in global markets.

The price of 24K of gold in Morocco has fallen during the evening trading of Friday, reaching 515.73 Dirhams (56.95 dollars), compared to 524.02 Dirhams ( 57.87 dollars) during Thursday’s close of trading.

The price of 21k gold in Morocco (the most actively traded on the market) fell to 451.27 Dirhams (49.84 dollars), compared to458.53 Dirhams (50.64 Dollars) yesterday.                

The price of 18K gold in Morocco fell during Friday’s trading, reaching a level of 386.80 Dirhams (42.72 dollars), compared to 390.21 Dirhams (43.02 dollars) at the end of yesterday’s trading.

Regarding the economic gold prices in Morocco, the price of 14K of gold was about 300.84 Dirhams (33.22 dollars), while the price of 12 grams of gold recorded about 257.86 Dirhams (28.48 dollars).

Gold is heading for its best week in nearly 5 months on Friday, boosted by a weaker US dollar that boosted the attraction of the yellow metal despite an imminent reduction in Federal Reserve stimulus measures.

The dollar index headed for its first weekly decline in 6 weeks, boosting gold’s appeal to buyers of other currencies. For other precious metals, silver slipped 0.4% to 23.45 dollars an ounce. Yet, it is about to record its biggest weekly increase in 7 weeks.

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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