HM King Mohammed VI Addresses Message of Gratitude to UK Rescue Team

His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, sent a message of thanks to Russell Gauden, National Coordinator of the UK’s International Search and Rescue Team, who took part in the rescue efforts following the earthquake that struck the High Atlas region.

In this message, His Majesty the King expressed His heartfelt thanks for all the efforts undertaken by the UK’s team to provide assistance following the devastating earthquake that struck Al Haouz region.

The Sovereign entrusted Gauden to convey His sincere thanks and appreciation to all the members of the British team, who demonstrated a great spirit of solidarity in saving lives, searching for survivors, and providing humanitarian aid. 

His Majesty the King also underlined that the affected families, as well as all Moroccans, “are very grateful” for the dedicated work deployed by the British team, which embodies the noble values of humanitarian action.

“Rest assured that We deeply appreciate the team’s effective contribution in addressing the consequences of this painful ordeal,” emphasized the Sovereign, affirming that “the Moroccan people will never forget the dedication, the high sense of responsibility, and the firm mobilization shown by your team in these difficult circumstances.”

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