HM King Mohammed VI Declares Amazigh New Year’s Day a National Holiday

Here follows a statement by the Royal Office:

“His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him, declared the Amazigh New Year’s Day an official national holiday, similar to the first of Muharram of the Hijri year and the Gregorian calendar’s New Year’s Day.

In this context, His Majesty the King, may Allah glorify Him, gave His High Instructions to the Head of Government to take the necessary measures to implement this High Royal Decision.

This Royal initiative is a consecration of the High solicitude that His Majesty the King, may Allah preserve Him, attributes to the Amazigh, as a key element of the authentic Moroccan identity, rich in the plurality of its tributaries and common heritage to all Moroccans without exception. It is also part of the Amazigh language’s constitutional consecration as an official language in Morocco, alongside the Arabic language.”

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