HRC: Morocco Emphasizes Importance of Palestinian Cause in Achieving Peace in Middle East

Morocco emphasized, on July 10 in Geneva, the importance of the Palestinian cause for the Kingdom’s foreign policies and the international agenda, stressing that peace can only be achieved in the Middle East through a just and definitive solution to the Palestinian cause.

Intervening at the 53rd session of the Human Rights Council (HRC), Morocco’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative in Geneva, Omar Zniber, expressed the Kingdom’s support for the international consensus in favor of a two-state solution with an Israeli state and an independent Palestinian state within the June 1967 borders, with East al-Quds as its capital.

Morocco reaffirmed its “support and solidarity with Palestinians, particularly in this critical phase characterized by repeated and hostile attacks on Jenin and the chaos they have caused.” 

Morocco also condemned these attacks, calling on the international community and major powers “to intervene to stop this aggression against Palestinians and their territories.”

Zniber stressed that the attacks on Palestinian territories do not contribute to the establishment of a climate conducive to dialogue and peace in the region, underlining that “this is a dangerous situation that threatens the remaining hope of achieving peace in the Middle East and fosters extremism and violence, requiring urgent intervention to ease tensions in the region.”

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