India: SAI20 Summit Kicks off with Morocco’s Participation

The Moroccan Court of Auditors took part in the activities of the Summit of Supreme Audit Institutions of the G20 (SAI20 Summit), which was held in the Indian state of Goa (West) between June 12 and 14, with a delegation led by the First President of the Court of Auditors, Zineb El Adaoui.

This summit is seen as one of the most important forums for discussion and dialogue that brings together heads of key financial control bodies to examine common issues related to the evolution of public sector control.

This year’s summit, chaired by the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, is dedicated to responsible artificial intelligence and the blue economy, two topical areas that are attracting increasing attention from governments, institutions, international organizations, and supervisory bodies.

On this occasion, El Adaoui stressed in her speech the urgent need for governments and the public sector to promote strategic support, underlining the importance of the trust and credibility of the supervisory institutions, which are called upon to become institutions of strategic expertise entrusted with new roles.

El Adaoui also shed light on the importance of preserving stability in all its dimensions and fundamental balances, without affecting the right of future generations to shape tomorrow’s societies, and the need to benefit from the colossal opportunities offered by digital development and artificial intelligence (AI).

In a similar context, the First President of the Court of Auditors emphasized the importance of balancing the classic vigilance in terms of the sovereignty of the rule of law and the complex issues of good governance and the promotion of sustainable development, and the need for a vision of the future that takes into account the impact of technology on the management of public affairs and its repercussions on the lives of citizens, together with all that this entails for higher auditing and financial control institutions in terms of effort, resources and intellectual and organizational change.

The Court of Auditors also took part in the Official Summit Book (Compendium) with a note on the evaluation of the “Halieutis” Plan, in which the Court presented the participating bodies with the objectives with methodology and results of this evaluation, and the impact and structural reforms on the maritime fishing sector and the Court’s recommendations included in its report.

On the sidelines of the G20 Summit, the First President of the Court of Auditors held several meetings, notably with the heads of the Supreme Audit Institutions of Brazil, who chairs the International Organization of Supreme Audit Institutions (INTOSAI), Russia, Spain, the UAE, Egypt, and Turkey.

The meetings focused on examining future actions within the framework of multilateral international cooperation and discussing ways of strengthening cooperation between the Court of Auditors and its counterparts in these countries.

India currently holds the rotating presidency of the G20 from December 1, 2022, until November 30, 2023. The 18th Summit of G20 Heads of State and Government will take place in New Delhi between September 9 and 10.

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