Innovation: UM6P Snatches Four Gold Medals in Recent Competitions in Germany, South Korea

Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) won four gold medals at recent innovation competitions in Germany and South Korea.

According to a press release by UM6P, the first medal the university stanched in Germany was for its innovation “Medico”, a solution based on lab-on-chip technology and presented in the form of an Internet of Things (IoT) that enables the monitoring of the preservation of the qualities of a drug submitted to the supply chain.

The second one, awarded in the digital security category for the University’s innovation “Trust, Track & Trace” (T3), consists of a platform for securing and phygitalizing any physical document.

According to the same source, T3’s potential lies in its ability to secure complex documents such as passports or banknotes. One of the variations is called T3-Education, a technology that has been adopted for all Moroccan baccalaureate diplomas.

As for the two golds awarded in the Korean capital Seoul, the first one was awarded once again to the Trust, Track & Trace (T3) digital security solution for its innovative and disruptive phygitalization features, while the second went to the innovation “BioTouch”, a non-invasive blood glucose monitoring device.

The University also noted that all these scientific innovations have been internationally patented by the Moroccan Industrial and Commercial Property Office (OMPIC).

These inventions are the fruit of scientific expertise cooperating within the Digital Innovation Center of Excellence (DICE), UM6P’s center of excellence dedicated to supporting digital transformation projects through its advanced engineering design office and its digital technology and prototyping laboratories.

Since its establishment, Mohammed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P) has placed Research and Innovation at the heart of its strategy, not only as a lever of knowledge but also as the foundation of a transition at the service of Morocco and Africa, with an international outlook.

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