INPPLC Signs Two Partnership Agreements with ANRF, World Bank Group

The National Authority for Probity, Prevention and Fight against Corruption (INPPLC) signed, on October 24 in Rabat, two partnership agreements on the prevention of corruption, with the National Financial Intelligence Authority (ANRF) and the World Bank Group.

Signed on the sidelines of an international conference under the theme “Twelve Years After the Marrakech Declaration: African Mobilization to Enhance the Role of Preventing Corruption”, these agreements aim to strengthen cooperation and the exchange of expertise between the INPPLC, the ANRF, and the World Bank Group to improve the prevention, detection, and management of corruption and financial crime cases.

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), the National Authority’s Chairman, Mohammed Bachir Rachdi, stated that the agreement signed with the ANRF aims to establish a solid synergy between the two institutions in order to fight against corruption, which often leads to money laundering.

Rachdi stressed that this agreement also seeks to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and expertise, as well as mutual collaboration, both in the fight against money laundering and the crimes and offenses that cause it, which are frequently linked to corruption.

As for the second agreement, which was signed with the World Bank Group, the aim is to create a framework for the exchange of expertise and the joint development of new innovative tools to reinforce barriers against corrupt practices and improve the detection and management of corruption cases.

On this occasion, ANRF President, Jawhar Nfissi, stated that the signing of this agreement is part of Morocco’s international commitments concerning the fight against financial crime and corruption.

Nfissi also underlined that the agreement formalizes cooperation between the two institutions in different fields and the exchange of expertise, in addition to collaboration and coordination in the fight against financial crime and corruption, as well as training and awareness-raising in this field.

For his part, Vice President of Integrity (INT) at the World Bank Group, Mamadou Diagne, emphasized the importance of such exchanges in the exchange of expertise, particularly in light of the significant progress achieved by several African countries in preventing corruption.

The partnership agreement signed with the INPPLC establishes a formal framework of commitment and parameters for collaboration in anti-corruption prevention, providing a more effective structure for this collaboration in the future.

Organized by the INPPLC in partnership with the UNODC, this international conference, held under the theme “Twelve years after the Marrakech Declaration: African Mobilization to Enhance the Role of Preventing Corruption” (October 24-25), aims to forge partnerships and closer ties between actors in the field of the fight against corruption, in order to propel a strong continental dynamic, supported by state leaders, political players, the economic sphere, the social fabric, civil society, and international organizations involved in this field.

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