International Day of Plant Health: An Opportunity to Raise Awareness of Importance of Plants

The United Nations (UN) celebrates annually, on May 12, the International Day of Plant Health, to increase public awareness of the importance of the protection of plant health in preventing hunger, alleviating poverty, preserving biodiversity and the environment, and fostering economic growth.

On the International Day of Plant Health, the importance of plants as the source of oxygen and the contributor to most of the food we eat is emphasized. Similarly, plants are used in several other important fields, namely the medical, medicinal, and pharmaceutical fields, and provide building materials for shelter and supply people with energy for heat and transportation.

Ecosystems are constantly changing due to climate change, human activity, and international trade and travel, which contribute to the spread of illnesses and pests.

The International Day of Plant Health 2023 calls on governments and organizations to raise awareness and take action to keep plants healthy and help protect the environment and biodiversity. 

It is more crucial than ever to maintain plants healthy and protected from pests and diseases in order to provide food for a growing global population of people and domestic animals. 

On this occasion, the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) of the United Nations (UN) and the International Plant Protection Convention (intergovernmental treaty) will hold a hybrid event on May 12, at 13:30 CET, to discuss in-depth the importance of plant health and provide recommendations on ways to protect plants. 

Protecting plants is protecting life and the future of our generations. 

Let’s take action. Let’s live! 

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