INWI Celebrates Ten Years of “Dir Iddik” And Announces A New Mission

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of “Dir Iddik”, Telecom Operator

“Inwi” has announced the launch of the “connected classes” initiative for the digital inclusion of schools in rural areas.

“This year, the initiative “Dir Iddik” of Inwi, reference in the field of social entrepreneurship in Morocco, blows out its 10th candle. The opportunity for the operator to take a new step in promoting the country’s digital inclusion has come to light, by facilitating access to digital for the benefit of schools in the rural world,” the telecom operator said in a statement.

“In total, no less than 5,000 students and 100 teachers will benefit from this action and will be therefore equipped with the best digital means,” the same source stated.

It also added that more than 500 volunteers will be involved in this operation that will affect several rural areas of the Kingdom, noting that these volunteers will participate in the installation of the equipment of the multimedia room, as well as the improvement of the layout of classrooms, and the training and fun workshops that will be deployed.

Above all, the objective behind such remarkable initiative is the generalization of digital through a contribution of equipment intended to ensure better connectivity in classrooms.

 Accordingly, “Faithful to its commitment to social action, particularly in the field of Education, Inwi tends to make digital acts as an enhanced engine of improvement in the entire Educational System”. 

By Nouhaila El Bouhli

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