Iran tests indigenous Zuljanah satellite carrier rocket for second time

Iran is testing its hybrid propellant satellite carrier rocket called Zuljanah for the second time for pre-determined research purposes, reports the Islamic Republic of Iran News Agency (IRNA).

Iranian Defense Ministry spokesman Ahmad Hosseini said on Sunday that the Zuljanah is a satellite carrier that measures 25.5 meters in length and weighs about 52 tons. It uses a 1.5 meter diameter solid fuel engine with 74 tons of thrust, “three phase is competitive with the world’s best satellite carriers on technical aspects, noting that it has two solid propulsion phases and one single-phase liquid propulsion,” he stressed.

He noted that the purpose of the launch was to implement sub-orbital spaceflight, while noting that the third phase of development of the hybrid carrier began by using data from the recent launch.

Iran’s Defense Ministry launched the Zuljanah satellite carrier into space for the first time in February 2021.

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