Italian Senator Highlights Morocco’s Strategic Role under Leadership of HM King Mohammed VI

President of the European Policies Committee of the Italian Senate, Giulio Terzi, stated that under the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, Morocco has stood out as a “regional hub for stability and a reliable strategic partner of the European Union (EU).”

During a meeting Monday with Morocco’s Ambassador to Italy, Youssef Balla, the Italian senator emphasized that the partnership between Morocco and the European Union (EU) “should be further strengthened and enriched.”

A statement by the Italian senator’s office stressed that the strengthened Moroccan-European Union (EU) partnership can further emphasize the important results of Morocco’s national and European strategies to strengthen multidimensional cooperation and meet the challenges of the Euro-Mediterranean area, namely the fight against climate change, human trafficking and countering terrorism, which enabled Morocco to achieve considerable results.

Terzi recalled in this context the advanced status that Morocco enjoys in its ties with the European Union, noting the possibility of establishing a specific status to security that could fall within this framework.

The statement also stressed that such an agreement will allow an adequate response to what the Euro-Atlantic community and several African countries consider as systemic challenges, namely radicalism, terrorism, and separatism, fueled by external influences that represent a serious threat to development in the Mediterranean and Maghreb regions.

During this meeting, the Moroccan ambassador and the Italian senator explored the prospects of parliamentary diplomacy to strengthen the already excellent relations between Morocco and Italy, praising the long-standing friendship between the two countries.

The discussions also focused on exchanges between the parliamentary committees of the two countries on issues related to security, development, migration flows, food security, and the rule of law.

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