IWA 2023: University Mohammed V of Rabat Snatches Five Gold Medals, 13 Innovation Masters

Mohammed V University in Rabat (UM5), through its Technology Innovation Center at the Mohammadia School of Engineers (EMI), won five gold medals and 13 innovation masters at the international Innovation Week America competition (IWA 2023), which was held online from Las Vegas on September 16.

In a press release, UM5 stated that the awards were presented to the Director of EMI’s Technology Innovation Center, Prof. Ammor Hassan, and his team, which includes Samiya Qanoune, Zakaria Er-reguig, Jalal Baayer, Mohammed Marouane Saim, Mohamed Alami, and Mouna Khadiri.

These prizes were awarded to the team for their innovative projects entitled “Invention of a pioneering Moroccan by radio frequency for the detection of breast cancer” and “Design of an original miniaturized 4G antenna in microstrip technology for the new generation of mobile telephony, minimizing the thermal effect of GSM on the human head.”

The other winning projects are entitled “Detecting Interatrial Septal Aneurysm using Deep Learning,” “Invention of an Original Tetra-Generations Patch Antenna for the New Generation of Mobile Telephony Minimizing the Thermal Effect of GSM on the Human Head and Hand,” and “System with smart micro-cellular antenna to fight against cheating in exams.”

The University recalled that the competition, organized by the OFEED association with the support of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), featured entries from 19 countries and regions, noting that 48 nominees were shortlisted for the grand prize in addition to 636 awards and 144 innovation masters were presented.

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