Jacob Zuma, Former South African president, released on medical parole

Former South African President Jacob Zuma, imprisoned since July 8 for contempt of justice, has been granted medical parole, South African prison authorities said on Sunday (September 5th).

Mr. Zuma, 79, has been hospitalized – for undisclosed reasons – since August 6 outside prison where he is serving a fifteen-month prison sentence for stubbornly refusing to appear before a corruption commission State under his presidency (2009-2018).

Resumption of trial postponed to September 9
Mr. Zuma will be able to return home when he is released from the hospital, a prison official told Agence France-Presse (AFP). This parole takes effect on Sunday and the former president will serve the remainder of his sentence out of jail, but may be required to do community service upon his release from hospital.

“Mr. Zuma’s release on medical parole means that he will serve the remainder of his sentence in the community prison system, where he will have to meet a number of conditions and will be under supervision until the end of his sentence. his sentence ”, continues the DCS in its press release.

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