Jessica Chastain: FIFM, Symbol of Resilience

Hollywood Actress Jessica Chastain who was named President of the Official Competition Jury, described the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) as a symbol of resilience through art and cinema.

Intervening at a round table held on November 28 on the sidelines of the Festival, Chastain shed light on the resilience of this major cinematic event, highlighting the importance of artistic creation as a reflection of humanity, as well as the Festival’s role in these difficult times of uncertainty and complex challenges.

“Art is synonymous with humanity, especially cinema, which is similar to a machine for cultivating empathy,” noted the Oscar-winning American actress, emphasizing the need to explore different perspectives and narratives to broaden one’s vision of the world.

The 2013 Golden Globe winner also stated that “the selection presented is incredibly inspiring”, commending the considerable evolution of the festival since its inception and the diversity and richness of the products presented as part of this cultural event that brings together pioneers of the 7th art.

Highlighting the importance of this Festival, which stands out from other film events for its unique quality and boldness, the American actress described FIFM as “rebellious”, as it presents new narratives, pushing the boundaries and challenging conventional storytelling.

Regarding her recent film “Memory”, which is part of the festival’s “Gala Screening” program, Jessica Chastain stated that the film’s uniqueness lies in its unpredictability and the possibility of embodying Sylvia in the unconventional narrative canvas of the great director, Michel Franco, in addition to the immersive challenges it presents, pushing her artistic limits as an actress.

The Hollywood actress also emphasized her penchant for “provocative” projects, calling for a departure from conventional norms and opening up to new prospects.

Organized under the High Patronage of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, the 20th edition of the Marrakech International Film Festival (FIFM) features a vast range of productions, with the participation of 75 films from 36 countries. 

The films are presented in several sections, including “Official Competition”, “Gala Screenings”, “Special Screenings”, “11th Continent”, “Panorama of Moroccan Cinema”, “Young Audience Screenings”, and “Tribute Screenings”.

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