Kingdom’s Ombudsman Holds Talks with President of Italian Ombudsmen

The Kingdom’s Ombudsman, Mohamed Benalilou, held a meeting, on November 21 in Rabat, with the President of the Italian Ombudsmen and Ombudsman of the Lazio Region, Marino Fardelli. 

The convergence of positions and the exchange of points of view on the subject of Mediators and Ombudsmen were at the heart of this meeting’s discussions, which was held on the sidelines of a joint training session between the Association of Ombudsmen and Mediators of La Francophonie (AOMF) and the Association of Mediterranean Ombudsmen (AOM), organized by the Mediation Training and Exchange Centre and hosted by the Institution of the Kingdom’s Mediator. 

In a statement to Maghreb Arabe Presse (MAP), Benalilou stated that this meeting focused on several subjects of common interest, notably future cooperation and coordination prospects within the prerogatives of the Ombudsman and Mediator Institutions, adding that these talks were an opportunity to discuss the training session, with a view to reaching a convergence of positions on its conclusions.

Organized under the theme “Whistleblower Protection and the Fight Against Corruption”, the two-day training session sees the participation of experts from 19 European, African, and Arab countries, who will discuss a number of topics, namely “Overview of all Whistleblower Protection Systems”, “Accompanying of Whistleblowers through the Whistleblowing Process and Investigation”, and “Confidentiality: from Whistleblowing to the Application of Recommendations”.

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