Lower House Speaker Addresses Message of Loyalty, Fidelity to HM King Mohammed VI

The Royal Office has received a message of loyalty and fidelity addressed to His Majesty King Mohammed VI by Speaker of the House of Representatives, Rachid Talbi Alami, on the occasion of the conclusion of the second session of the 2022-2023 legislative year of the eleventh legislature.

In this message, Talbi Alami extended, on behalf of all the members of the House of Representatives, the best wishes of health and well-being to His Majesty the King, wishing the Sovereign greatness, glory, and tranquility.

“As we renew to Your Majesty our sincere tokens of loyalty and fidelity, we assure You that during this session we have worked in a spirit of consensus, efficiency, and radiant performance, both in promoting the constitutional functions of the institution and in the latter’s active presence in regional and international parliamentary forums and conferences,” added the message. 

Talbi Alami emphasized that the House’s achievements during this legislative session “are equal to Your Majesty’s Wise Directives, particularly in translating Parliament’s interaction with the tenor of the Sovereign’s solemn speech delivered at the opening of October’s legislative session on the prospects for investment promotion, and the adoption of an effective water policy.”

The Speaker of the House of Representatives also added that the House had undertaken efforts to strengthen the foundations of the social state in line with the Sovereign’s emphasis on the importance of public health and social protection.

In a similar context, the Moroccan official noted that this session was also marked by the holding by the House of the annual session of discussion and evaluation of public policies, through two important themes, explaining that the first theme relates to the evaluation of the “National Administration Reform Plan 2018-2023,” while the second one focused on the evaluation of water policy, per the content of the Royal speech at the opening of the legislative session, particularly in the context of climate change and the repercussions of water stress.

Talbi Alami also reaffirmed the commitment of the House of Representatives to “responding to the concerns and dynamics of our society and its urgent needs, constantly bearing in mind the provisions of the Constitution and the High Royal Directives, particularly those aimed at promoting the concept of an open Parliament as a choice for the State of institutions.” 

In this regard, the Moroccan parliamentarian cited a multitude of initiatives to open up institutions to the components of civil society and all partners affected by parliamentary action and democratic practices in Morocco.

In the field of parliamentary diplomacy, the Speaker of the House of Representatives emphasized that, in line with His Majesty the King’s Wise Directives, the parliament is taking more initiatives at the bilateral and multilateral levels to strengthen the Kingdom’s achievements, promote its unique model and successive diplomatic victories in the service of the country’s supreme interests, and support the Kingdom’s territorial integrity and its noble commitment to several just causes of the Arab and Islamic nation, the concerns and priorities of the African continent, and to all issues relating to international peace, security, and stability.

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