Minister of Interior Abdelouafi Laftit Presides over Two Meetings per High Royal Directives

Per High Royal Directives, the Minister of Interior, Abdelouafi Laftit, presided over two meetings on September 10 in the prefectures of the provinces of Al Haouz and Taroudant, in the presence of the governors of the provinces most affected by the earthquake, representatives of the security and external services, and elected representatives of the provinces concerned.

During these meetings, Minister Laftit recalled the High Royal Directives calling for the consequences of this disaster to be addressed and its effects mitigated, stressing that the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) have deployed significant human and logistical resources, both by air and land, as well as specialized intervention modules based on Search and Rescue teams and a Field Medical-Surgical Hospital (HMCC).

The Minister noted that the affected areas are currently being fully mobilized to provide the necessary care and assistance, adding that all the necessary material resources would be mobilized for this purpose.

Minister Laftit also stressed that to ensure efficient management of this tragedy, the public authorities had adopted an approach aimed at harmonizing and complementing their interventions, based on efficiency, speed, and comprehensiveness to manage this crucial stage wisely, thanks to the collective commitment stemming from strong coordination between the various components of the public authorities.

The Moroccan official expressed his conviction that Morocco is capable of overcoming this situation, despite the difficult challenges and constraints posed by the power of the earthquake, especially since all institutions have shown responsible commitment to implementing the High Royal Directives.

In a similar context, the Moroccan minister paid tribute to the members of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), agents, and auxiliaries of authority, and all the security services, namely the Royal Gendarmerie, National Security, Auxiliary Forces, and Civil Protection, as well as the executives and agents of the departments concerned who are at the forefront of this mission, shedding light on the responsible commitment of citizens in the face of this disaster.

Minister Laftit also called for greater efforts to be made, collective mobilization to be reinforced, national cohesion to be strengthened, and public authorities to be supported, so that everyone can live up to the expectations of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, may Allah assist Him.

The Minister of Interior affirmed that the measures undertaken by the different authorities would only have the desired outcome if the local population were fully behind them and fully committed to supporting their efforts and following their directives, stressing that collective responsibility requires maintaining a maximum level of vigilance.

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