Moroccan Athlete Aziza Raji Wins 4th Stage in “the Marathon Des Sables”

In the heart of Errachidia Province, specifically in Jebel El Mraier to Boulchrhal over 82.5 km, Moroccan “Aziza Raji” won the 4th stage of the 35th Marathon des Sables, dominating the general classification with 04h16min09sec ahead of her direct runner competitor. 

Aziza Raji completed the fourth stage in a time of 12h22min36sec, while French “Severine Cailliez “(14h45min57sec) came second, and Japanese “Tomomi Bitoh” who took third place with 15h17min50sec.

 Besides, there has been the participation of 423 runners in such a challenging contest after the withdrawal of 249 athletes.

 ‘’ If it does not challenge you, it won’t change you ‘’, as the quote defines itself, sports, no matter what its type, can never be as easy as you might expect. Yet, it is rewarding as long as your main objective remains to challenge the challenge. Thus, there is no better way to keep yourself engaged and motivated than a running race where you are more likely to make use of your potential, as well as your athletic skills. By Nouhaila El Bouhli 

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