Moroccan Parliament Reconsiders Relations with European Counterpart following Recent Events

 The Moroccan Parliament declared, last Monday, that it has decided to re-evaluate its relations with the European Parliament by subjecting it to a comprehensive reassessment. This decision was taken in response to the most recent statements made by the European Parliament regarding the Kingdom.

The parliament’s position was expressed in a joint statement of the two houses of the Moroccan Parliament, read  by Rachid Talbi Alami, Speaker the House of Representatives, toward the end of a joint meeting, co-presided by Enaam Mayara, the Speaker of the House of Councilors, and marked by the interventions of the presidents and representatives of the various parliamentary groups as well as parliamentarians without political affiliations.

The Moroccan Parliament condemns the European Parliament’s adoption of a resolution on January 19, which is part of the tendentious campaign targeting the Kingdom. Moreover, the Moroccan Parliament has also decided to notify the European Parliament’s presidency of the session’s minutes which include the stances and interventions made, as well as future decisions. 

In a similar context, the Moroccan Parliament emphasizes the need to respect the independence and sovereign nature of the Moroccan judicial system, which has repeatedly and rigorously upheld the requirements for a fair trial. It also believes that the European Parliament’s resolution has weakened the trust and cooperation foundation between the two parliaments and damaged the positive achievements of decades of joint action, at a time when everyone is looking forward to new and promising prospects in the relations between the two institutions. 

In this regard, the Moroccan Parliament urges European political forces to demonstrate wisdom and discernment and to reject any deliberate association between human rights, protected in Morocco by the Constitution, laws and institutions, one the one hand, and the allegations made by some parties and organizations known for their hostile and dogmatic positions against Morocco on the other.

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