Moroccan Parliamentary Delegation on Working Visit to UK

A Moroccan parliamentary delegation is currently on a working visit to the UK, at the invitation of the President of the Morocco-UK Parliamentary Friendship Group in the British House of Commons, Heather Wheeler.

The parliament reported in a statement that during the visit, the parliamentary delegation held a series of important meetings with Deputy Speaker of the British House of Commons, Nigel Evans, member of the European Affairs Committee of the British House of Lords, Lord Jeremy Purvis, the international activist in the field of women and children’s rights and in the field of international peace and security, Baroness Mary Goudie, and the Middle East and North Africa Director at the British Foreign Office, Ambassador Stephen Hickey. 

These meetings were an opportunity to highlight the excellent parliamentary relations linking the two countries legislative institutions and welcome the inauguration by the two Kingdoms of a new phase of cooperation, dialogue, and economic partnership, adding that the members of the parliamentary delegation emphasized the importance of exchanging expertise between the two legislative institutions, while strengthening communication and joint coordination at international multilateral events in which the two legislative institutions participate.

On this occasion, the Moroccan parliamentary delegation highlighted the various joint government projects and activities overseen by bilateral cooperation mechanisms such as the Strategic Dialogue launched in 2018 and the Business Dialogue launched in 2020. During these meetings, the creation of a Parliamentary Forum between Morocco and the UK was proposed, which would serve as a framework for parliamentary cooperation to monitor and accompany government projects between the two countries and strengthen bilateral relations.

The Moroccan delegation is also scheduled to hold meetings with members of the Parliamentary Group on Women and the Mayor of Westminster of Moroccan origin, Hamza Taouzzale, in addition to visiting the British Parliament and attending the plenary session of the parliament with the Prime Minister in the British House of Commons.

The Moroccan parliamentary delegation includes President of the Morocco-UK Parliamentary Friendship Group in the House of Representatives, Sahar Abdouh, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives and member of the Morocco-UK Parliamentary Friendship Group, Zaina Idhali, and President of the Morocco-UK Friendship Group in the House of Councillors, Jalila Morsli. 

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