Moroccan Royal Navy Rescues 59 Potential Illegal Migrants from Sub-Saharan Africa

Royal Navy and coastal surveillance units rescued, on October 15th north-east of the Port of Tan-Tan, approximately 20 km from the coast, an inflatable boat with 59 sub-Saharan migrants on board, as part of a search and rescue mission.

According to military sources, the rescued people, which include eight women and four minors, received the necessary first aid on board, before being safely transported to the nearest national ports, where they were turned over to the Royal Gendarmerie for the standard administrative procedures.

Previously, military sources stated that a unit of the Royal Moroccan Navy seized, on September 13 off the coast of Dakhla, a pirogue carrying on board 98 Senegalese potential illegal migrants.

The same source added that the pirogue sailed from the Senegalese coast, noting that the rescued were provided with the necessary first-aid before being handed over to the Royal Gendarmerie for the usual administrative procedures.

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