Moroccan Sahara: France Reaffirms Support for Moroccan Autonomy Plan

France reaffirmed, before the United Nations Security Council (UNSC), its “historic, clear, and unwavering support” for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan.

France’s Ambassador and Permanent Representative to the United Nations (UN), Nicolas de Rivière, recalled his country’s “historic, clear, and unwavering support for the Moroccan Autonomy Plan”, adding that “this plan has been on the table since 2007” and “it is time to move forward.” 

“France is pleased with the adoption of the resolution renewing MINURSO’s mandate for another year,” stressed Ambassador De Rivière, reiterating his country’s “full support” for the efforts of the United Nations Secretary-General’s (UNSG) Personal Envoy “to resume the round table process”.

The French diplomat also added that his country “calls on all relevant parties to commit to a pragmatic, realistic, lasting, and compromising solution”. 

Praising the efforts of MINURSO, which “plays a key role in the stability of the region and the promotion of the resumption of political consultations”, the French diplomat reiterated his country’s deep concern regarding ceasefire violations.

Issuing a clear message to “polisario” militias, whose violations and obstructions were denounced by the United Nations Secretary-General (UNSG) in his latest report, the French ambassador urged “those responsible for these violations to fully implement the ceasefire agreement in order to facilitate the continuation of the political process”.

In his latest annual report to the Security Council (SC) on the Sahara, UN Secretary-General (UNSG), António Guterres, protested against the “polisario’s” repeated violations and obstructions to MINURSO’s freedom of movement and operational and logistical activities.

Guterres also condemned the restrictions imposed by the “polisario” which prevent MINURSO from maintaining a safe and reliable logistical and resupply chain to its team sites, stressing that these obstructions directly threaten MINURSO’s ability to maintain its on-ground presence.

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